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Dual Enrollment

Do you want to earn college and high school credit at the same time?  Then you need to take our dual enrollment courses.  Through our partnership with Mohave Community College many college courses are offered on our campus either taught by our staffulty or by Mohave Community College Instructors.

These classes are offered at no cost* to the student and all textbooks (if applicable) are provided.  These courses are all part of the general studies program for colleges and will be accepted at all in-state universities as the actual courses.  Most out of state schools will also accept these courses making it a opportunity for any student thinking of going to a post secondary school.  

Additionally each semester Mohave Community College provides online opportunities for students to take a dual enrollment course on our campus.    The courses alternate each semester and may include:

  • Dual Science Offerings
  • Dual Art History
  • Dual Sociology
  • Dual Communications


For all course listings, please refer to the current Course Guide for more information.